5 Tough Questions You Should Be Ready To Answer

Today I’m sharing five very difficult ministry questions…

…because somewhere, sometime, someone is going to ask them.

That’s the wrong moment to realize you don’t have an answer.

Taking some time now to think about how you would respond…

…will come in handy when you have to respond.

(And it’s going to happen.)

There’s no excuse for being caught totally off guard by a totally predictable question.

Every now and again, you’ll get a question or problem that is impossible to anticipate. You’ll hesitate and stammer, and that’s OK.

But if you’ve been in youth ministry for more than five minutes, there are a few questions that you should expect and prepare for.

My goal for this post isn’t to instruct your theology or to give you answers.

Instead, I only hope you’ll take some time now to think so that you don’t trip over them when they happen spontaneously.

(However, if you’re looking for student-friendly answers I’d recommend Answers to Teenagers’ 50 Toughest Questions by my friend Phil Bell.)

1. Any question about homosexuality.

Someone is going to ask these questions and probably pretty soon too.

Think about it, pray about it and figure out your church’s position on the issue. You’ll want that information before you blurt out a hasty answer.

Think through how you’ll respond if and when a student comes out to you.

2. My (friend, grandmother, neighbor, coach) died and she wasn’t a Christian. Is she in hell?

Yep, we’re talking about heaven and hell.

That’s because your students are talking about it and they’re scared about it, usually more for others than themselves.

If you don’t talk about hell, your students will ask.

You’d better be ready with some kind of answer.


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