RobertsNEWLY enthroned bishop of Goodly Heritage Bible Church, Bishop Christian Roberts, has charged pastors to always lay good examples, in line with the teachings of Christ.

He stated this at the enthronement ceremony held in his honour at Goodly Heritage Bible Church, Fagba, Lagos State, last Sunday.

According to him, pastors should endeavour to set good examples, in line with the dictates of the Bible, to connect to the body of Christ.

He urged them to align their actions and behaviour with the constitution of the Bible.

“Unfortunately, there is little to what an ordinary man can do, but the body of Christ can do exceedingly and abundantly to make sure that pastors confine their actions and behaviour to the constitutionality of the Bible. I believe that godly living is possible, and can be emulated,” he stated.

Presiding Archbishop, Christian Ministers and Ministries Network International College of Bishops (CMIMNICOMB), Professor Z.A. Bonet, in his address, said justice was the predominant factor regarding the unity of Nigeria.

“What Nigeria needs today is a man that is just and understands that God’s greatest investment on earth is human beings.

‘‘What Nigeria needs is someone who is just, and will cater to the welfare of the citizens, irrespective of religious affiliation,’’ he said.

Speaking on Promotion in the Kingdom of God, he said: “The salvation of a child of God actually begins with a change in character.”


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