PRESIDENT, United Aladura Churches, Worldwide, Sup. Evang. Samson Banjo, has called for more prayers for the country.

Speaking at the 13th anniversary of the organisation, he said: “We should not be tired in our supplications to God, concerning our land and also more prayers should be said, in order for the devil not to conquer our land.”

The Doyen, Celestial Church of Christ, lamented the serial suicide bombings in the North-East, which he described as satanic, and urged government to address the menace.

He cautioned clerics, who would rather centre their messages on prosperity, to retrace their steps, as he noted that since the fear of God was no longer preached on the altar, the hearts of many would be fertile grounds for the devil to perpetrate evil.

He called on government to address unemployment and poverty, saying it had “contributed immensely to the insecurity and restlessness the country is currently witnessing.

“Those beating the drums of war should watch what it has brought to other countries over the years and come to understanding that war brings nothing but destruction,” he noted.

He called on government to “do something drastic about herdsmen/farmers clashes before it metamorphosed into a situation they can no longer handle.”


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